What is
Spiritual Direction?

Your sacred space

Spiritual Direction is a sacred space for spiritual awakening, elevation and deepening. It is a spiritual discipline in which you intentionally dedicate space and time between you, the Spiritual Director and the Holy Spirit, to reflect, consider and examine your story and God’s presence within it.  

Your invitation

This practice invites you to move forward in your faith walk. This is done in the context of a trusting relationship with a Spiritual Director  that listens to your story with a prayerful and discerning ear for the movement of the Holy Spirit while assisting you in noticing and responding to the inner voice of God.

Your Compassionate Presence

When you slow down and take time to share your story in a space free of judgment, free of negativity, yet, filled with acceptance and replete with compassion, you begin to uncover and notice the presence of God. A Spiritual Director is a compassionate listening companion.

Your Place of Blessing

The more freedom and security you have to give voice to your story, the more in touch you are with yourself. Taking time for reflective self-examination with a trusted and mature spiritual confidant helps you open a clearing for you to notice and receive love, healing, clarity, discernment, and connection. You need only to “seek and you will find”. It is from that overflow that you can give and serve others.

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