The Benefits of Spiritual Direction

The nature of your Christian life is to grow in an ever deepening intimacy with God. 

Spiritual Direction provides a way that magnifies the gifts of the Holy Spirit in your life and

provides innumerable personal and spiritual benefits.

Spiritual Growth

You grow in intimacy with God and become a more spiritually formed person. You develop more fully who you are meant to be in relationship with God.

Self Awareness

The more self-awareness you have, the less damage you do to yourself and to others. Sometimes a meeting with a good spiritual director is like a serious look in the mirror.

Soul Healing

You experience the removal of obstacles the prevent the living fully in connection with the Holy Spirit within. You feel inspiration, a lift of heart and hope for your future. You feel a sense of belonging and experience your belovedness.


More and more you are able to live and work in community with a sense of greater harmony. You begin to really fit in your life, your relationships, your work and your community.


You begin to experience real, internal freedom, regardless of the external events of your life.


You have sharpened discernment and a greater ease in decision making, as well as, an increased capacity to live in peace, with uncertainty and ambiguity. The ability to have self-control, patience increases and knowing when to wait, or when to act, becomes more clear.


You come to greater clarity about who God is and how He is active in your life. Restlessness dissipates and you begin to have a fuller sense of meaning, direction, and purpose in your life surfaces.

Awareness of God’s Presence

You start to understand how God communicates with you. Awareness of God’s deep desire for you and understanding of how to respond springs. There is a greater ability to notice and name these divine movements and no longer feel alone, but accompanied by a power greater than yourself.

Deepening Friendship

More and more you are able to live and work in community with a sense of greater harmony. You begin to really fit in your life, relationships, work and your community. The experience of love, intimacy, and deep affection begins to overflow.

Safe Space

You can be your true, authentic self. You can share your story, be heard, experience God’s presence, hear God’s voice, and rest in God’s love. Spiritual Direction provides a safe place to struggle and be real about the hard questions of faith.

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