The Third Chair

A visual representation of the
Spiritual Direction Conversation

“The Third Chair” is a custom art piece created by Spiritual Director and Artist Kenna Bynum. It is a visual representation of the spiritual direction conversation. This a unique gift with three chairs representing a place for the Director, a place for the Directee, and a place to acknowledge the true spiritual director, the Holy Spirit. There are custom options for style and color. Materials: Acrylic paints on canvas board with 1/12 scale chairs. Approximate dimensions: 8″h x 8″w x 6’d”

The Story


Why three chairs?

As spiritual directors or companions, the image of three chairs is a reminder that God is the true spiritual director in our lives. When we set intentional time together in spiritual direction and tune into the movements of the Holy One, we create space for hearing the Spirit in self, in the other, and in the spaces between us.

Currently Available @ $137 each

Dimensions: 8″H x 8″W x 6″D

Acrylic Paints on Canvas Board with 1/12 Scale Wooden Chairs


For a $75 upcharge, you can customize your piece:

1. Choose your Style 

     (Style 1, Style 2, or Style 3)


2. Choose your Chair Color

     (White or Natural)


3. Choose your Paint Colors

     (Contact Directly)


Custom pieces take 4-6 weeks

Style 1

Wall: Abstract strokes
Floor: Abstract strokes

Style 2

Wall: Linear verticle strokes Floor: Linear verticle srokes

Style 3
Abstract with Detail/

Wall: Abstract strokes with detail
Floor: Abstract

Kenna Bynum

Spiritual Director
Soul Care Facilitator
Writer, Teacher, Speaker
Wife, Mother
Servant of God

Professional, Reliable, and Trustworthy

Unique & Special

Quality Craftsmanship

Flat Rate Shipping

Made with Love

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